Sound Design

From animated projects or live action productions, to audio branding or interactive sound design, we work on all types of projects to create environments out of thin air, sweeten your mixes, develop interactive sound effects and beyond.

Stereo, 5.1 LTRT, 5.1 Surround, or even Mono (for that client who has the super old on hold system) for Broadcast TV, Web, Mobile, Digital Media, Radio, Cinema, Jumbotron, Corporate Meetings, Live Events, etc. We will mix your project in a way that is optimal for your audience no matter where they are or how they’re hearing it.

Mix For Broadcast TV, Radio, & Digital Media

Voice Record & ADR

Voiceover recording can be done locally in one of our four voiceover booths, over an ISDN connection, or through SourceConnect. We can even patch in your clients to direct talent via Skype or a regular old telephone.

Want to record with engineers who have a ton of experience directing actors, to get the performance you’re looking for? Look no further! Hate it when the engineer chimes in? We can shut up too.

Production Studios, Casting Directors and Audio Houses:  We also host Minneapolis voice talent in our studios, for you to direct remotely with agencies, creative studios, and other clients around the world.

Music Creation / Stock Music Licensing

Original music for licensing is at your fingertips when you work with SisterBoss BECAUSE... we share a roof with our sister company Black Label Music. Black Label Music, in partnership with TGNP can provide lightning fast music searches from their rich and diverse music catalog featuring some of the most intriguing and talented artists making music today. Original custom music can also be created for projects calling for something truly unique.

November 10, 2017